[Review] BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

I first got intrigued by a jogging/off-road stroller when Mini-Lulu was just born and we decided to take her to a nearby park with a ton of gravel roads. We strapped her in her Chicco KeyFit 30 infant carseat, which was attached to her Chicco Cortina stroller. While this stroller works fine on smooth pavements such as cement-paved paths and malls, it felt too bumpy and hard to push near the lake. We had to cut our walk short in fear of both making Mini-Lulu uncomfortable and damaging the wheels on the Cortina.

During a shopping trip to Babies R’ Us,  hubby and my dad spotted the BOB Revolution SE stroller in a bright orange color, tried it out and both loved it so much.  But with its high price tag at almost $450,  I just couldn’t justify getting another stroller so soon. Over the past few months, Mini-Lulu and I enjoyed taking strolls around our neighborhood on our Chicco Cortina stroller, but sometimes I do wish I could take her even further onto the gravel trails near our house for a change of scenery.

Earlier this month,  I found out Amazon was having an amazing flash sale on some BOB strollers, including the Revolution SE Single stroller! I have not seen the BOB in person, but since both my hubby and my dad raved it so much, I thought, why not just buy it and try it out myself.

The stroller came really quickly in one single box. Upon opening it, there is minimum assembly required so all it took was for us to remove the packagings, snap on the wheels according to the simple instructions given in the user’s manual, and we were ready to go!

Image Image

My first open-box impression of the BOB Revolution SE stroller was how big the wheels are, especially compared to my Chicco Cortina. My next thought was on how easy the stroller folds up, and how it looks much more compact than the Cortina folded up, which means more trunk space in the back of my car!

Image Image

Upon releasing the break, the stroller felt really light to push around, and despite it’s big size upon unfolding (especially since the front wheel sticks out to the front, thus making the stroller appear a lot longer than a traditional 4-wheeler), it was really easy to maneuver and turn even around tight spaces in my living room.


Over the weekend, we took our 3-months old baby out on a walk around the neighborhood to give the BOB stroller a try. It was her first time sitting independently in the stroller alone without the infant car seat, and she did great! She seemed happy in it despite how tiny she looked inside of the stroller, but I think the cushioned reclining seat and the padded shoulder straps made her feel secure and comfortable inside. The 5-point harness was easy to clip together and adjust. The extra big canopy that can unfold all the way to the front also helped to shield her away from the sun.



My first thought on our test drive of the stroller was how smooth the ride was, it was extremely easy for me to push the stroller around, even up the pretty big steep slope right near our house. It also went over bumps and gravel roads very well, and I’m sure the baby could tell the difference as well. I can’t wait to take her to our favorite hiking trail soon in her brand new ride!

So far I’ve mentioned all the things that I liked about the stroller, so what about the cons? Well, for one it might not be a stroller suitable for everyday use, especially indoor such as restaurants or malls. The front wheel extends out and I can imagine it to bump into people accidentally very easily. It could also be a challenge to transport in small cars. We are leaving it inside of our garage most of the time for me to take her out on walks. For going shopping, I would still prefer to take our Cortina stroller or maybe even invest in something much more light and compact in the future for running errands and short trips around town.

Also even though it is a jogging stroller, you can’t actually jog until the baby s a little older (over 8 months according to the manual) and have sufficient head control. But for now, I am content with walking the stroller. I can’t wait until I can jog with Mini-Lulu though, having this stroller definitely will give me more motivation to get out and stay active!

I can see this stroller being used for a long time, after all it is rated for up to 70 lbs! Overall I am happy with the purchase, and can’t wait to start new adventures with Mini-Lulu on her cool new ride!


4 thoughts on “[Review] BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

  1. Hi, just come upon your blog while searching for the measurements for the revolution SE box that comes with the stroller. I was wondering if you still have that box and what the dimensions are. I want my mum to buy it in US and bring it to australia. Would be great if you could help me out? 🙂 thanks.

    • Hi, I don’t have the box with me but the box was rather large, and probably won’t fit into a suitcase. As an extra oversized luggage in itself might work. Or your mom could simply bring the stroller through gate check? (Do check the airline regulation on that though because I’m not sure what the proper procedure is traveling with baby gears without a baby).

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